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Time:2017-12-01 12:00:00
Nowadays, the pace of life is accelerating, and all day long busy with work and family, many people often ignore their physical health, form a series of occupational diseases, or have no time to take care of their own health.

Five cornerstones of health

In 1992, the World Health Organization proposed that "reasonable diet, moderate exercise, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction, good mentality" are the four cornerstones of health. Teacher Dong told us that scientific progress and lifestyle have largely changed people's healthy behavior. The four cornerstones advance with the times and develop into the "five cornerstones." "Scheduled physical examination" prevents disease, early detection, early treatment has become an effective way to prevent sudden illness!

Occupational disease

Because of the working environment, the nature of work and other factors, modern people have often seen occupational diseases, then, what is occupational disease? How can we prevent the treatment of occupational diseases? Mr. Dong gave a detailed explanation to all the effective people on these two aspects. Regarding his own health, the effective people listened carefully.

Most people think that occupational diseases are very common, everyone has it, don't pay too much attention. But I do not know, the current three major occupational diseases "shoulder periarthritis, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation" is the first human murderer. This is the direct consequence that everyone does not pay attention to and does not prevent. Mr. Dong explained in detail the hazards of occupational diseases, and taught all the effective people to prevent occupational diseases. Everyone is actively involved and applied to future work.

Prevention three high

The "three high" disease has become widespread, threatening people's health to varying degrees. "Three high" diseases refer to "high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar". With the improvement of social living standards, people live well, eat well, and at the same time, they are bold and bold. It is this kind of life that does not matter. The attitude has created many people now suffering from the "three highs".

Teacher Dong told us that the “root of disease” of Sangao lies in bad diet and living habits. In addition to taking prescribed drugs according to doctor's advice, changing bad eating habits and living habits is the key to reducing the three highs.

Ways to prevent "three highs"

1. Develop good habits to quit smoking and alcohol: Alcohol and tobacco are one of the major causes of “three highs”. Smoking will aggravate arteriosclerosis, cause vasospasm, etc. Drinking alcohol will cause blood pressure to rise, so prevent “three highs”. It is necessary to quit smoking and alcohol.

2, choose food: to light, low-fat, low-sugar, low-protein foods, try to reduce the intake of sweets or carbohydrates.

3, the most scientific way to prevent "three highs" in middle-aged and elderly people is to do regular health checkups. Through physical examination, not only can you accurately check whether there are signs of “three highs”, but also screen other diseases of the body. Once found, it can be treated in time to achieve the best therapeutic effect, which is of great significance for reducing the risk of disease treatment. .

Through this lecture, the effective person has been constantly concerned about his own health change common sense, and has mastered basic first-aid knowledge and daily methods of preventing "occupational diseases" and "three highs".

Health education lectures like this will be held frequently after the effect is added, and the health of all the effective people will be escorted.