Spot welder to prepare the work content

Time:2017-12-01 12:00:00

The spot welder should be fully prepared before welding. The most important thing is to do the inspection of each process and each setting to ensure the normal operation of the circuit, gas path, instrument and switch. The following Weifang spot welder manufacturers will introduce the welding preparation work of the spot welder.

The spot welding machine welding preparation work is as follows:


1. The spot welder and its auxiliary equipment must be inspected strictly to ensure the normal operation of the circuit, waterway, gas path and mechanical device of the spot welder.

2. Check and ensure that the components, switches, buttons, knobs, valves, indicators and other components of the spot welder must be in good condition, and ensure flexible adjustment. The indication data of the spot welder is clear and accurate.

3. Move the spot welder to the vicinity of the welding position, close the main power switch; turn on the spot welder power switch and the cooling water system to ensure that the circulating cooling water circuit is unblocked, and then press the control power switch on the spot welder CNC to open Position, according to the thickness of the material to be welded, select the welding parameters, adjust the parameters of the spot welding machine to the "work debugging" switch to the debugging position, after the adjustment is completed, the spot welding machine switch can be welded to the running state.